Master students supervised

  • 2018
    • He, Yin 何颖(2018–)
    • Jia, Fan 贾帆(2018–)
    • Wang, Yuanyuan(2018–)
  •  2017
  • 2016
    • Cheng, Fan 程凡(2016–2018) Now is PhD student in Monash University Business School
    • Liu, Yubing 刘玉冰(2016–2018) Now works at Huaxia Bank (华夏银行总行)
    • Mao, Mengmeng 毛蒙蒙(2016–2018) Now works at Citic Bank (中信银行)
  • 2015
    • Fang, Jian  方剑(2015–2017), Now works at Guotai Junan Securities (国泰君安证券)
    • Liu, Jing 刘静(2015–2017), Now works at People’s Bank of China, Xi’an Branch (中国人民银行西安分行)
  • 2014
    • Chen, Siying 陈思颖(2014–2016), Now works at Huaxia Bank (华夏银行总行)
    • Jiao, Jiacheng 焦嘉程(2014–2016), Now works at China Securities Regulatory Commission (证监会)
    • Ye, Qianqian 叶芊芊(2014–2016), Now works at Bank of Communications (交通银行总行)

Undergraduate students

  • 2016
    • Hu, Rui 胡睿, Master in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (伊利诺伊香槟分校), Now works in
  • 2018
    • Long, Xiaochen 龙啸宸, Rice University
    • Zeng, Jiayue 曾嘉悦, London School of Economics
    • Zhang, Huaiyu 张怀宇, University of Chicago