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Statistical packages

Statistical packages for published papers are hosted at
  • dlsa 🔓:  Distributed Least Squares Approximation implemented with Apache Spark.
  • dqr 🔓: Distributed Quantile Regression by Pilot Sampling and One-Step Updating
  • darima 🔓: Distributed ARIMA models implemented with Apache Spark.
  • gratis 🔓:  The R package provides efficient algorithms for generating time series with diverse and controllable characteristics.
  • cdcopula 🔓: Covariate-dependent copula model.
  • movingknots 🔓: Efficient Bayesian Multivariate Surface Regression.
  • GSM 🔒: Matlab code for Flexible Modeling of Conditional Distributions using Smooth Mixtures of Asymmetric Student T Densities
  • flutils 🔓: A collection of R functions which is required from my other packages.
  • dng 🔓: Distributions and their gradients for papers, also available on CRAN.

Miscellaneous 🔓

I have some fun stuffs as well